A lot can happen in three years

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do. I was at home for the summer and packing up my room ready to start a MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation at the University of Reading. A lot has changed since that day, but there is one obvious parallel; I’ve just moved to Canada to start a PhD. It was Twitter itself that prompted this question, as today is my third Twitter anniversary, so I thought I’d make a list of things I've done in these three years.

Carefree in New Zealand


  • Received counselling – a life-changing decision and the thing that made most of this list possible

  • Ended a toxic relationship

  • Met an amazing guy who stuck around when I went travelling for six months

  • Went solo travelling for six months – New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka

  • Won an 80 km endurance (horse) ride in New Zealand

  • Got back into climbing

  • Moved in to my first ever grown up flat as a non-student

  • Moved out again to relocate to Canada

  • Travelled to Brazil to meet my amazing guys' parents

  • Became an Auntie (x2)


  • Spent a month on the Isle of Rum, Scotland studying red deer

  • Graduated with a distinction in MSc Wildlife Management and Conservation

  • Awarded Winston Cobb Memorial Fellowship from Panthera

  • Spent 5 months in India working with the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust

  • Published my first scientific paper. On snow leopards. As first author.

  • Had a paper published from way back when I was an undergraduate on a big collaborative ecosystem services project

  • Connected with researchers, academics and peers through Twitter

  • Worked for an international Event Rider

  • Got a PhD offer to study wolf ecology and human-wolf interactions on Vancouver Island, Canada

I find it helpful to reflect every now and then on how far I've come, from highly stressed, overachieving, and unhappy to a (slightly more) calm, (slightly more) brave, and (much more) happy.

Calming my thoughts in the Indian Trans-Himalayas (© James Fleming)

A lot can happen in three years.

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