Book Review: Great Small Things - Jodi Picoult

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I got stuck in Vancouver for two nights on my way to Tofino because weirdly enough, the west coast of Canada doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with snow. Anyway, I finished this book three days ago when I was sitting in Kelowna airport, and here’s a short review.

Plot: Two father’s trying to do what’s right by their daughters; the first, a gunman holding women hostage in an abortion clinic; the second, a hostage negotiator whose daughter is inside.

Review: This book is written in classic Picoult style, with interwoven storylines and time-stamped chapters. There’s always a twist in a Picoult book, and I spotted one from a mile off, but there was one that I really wasn’t expecting. Sadly, both twists were revealed within the last chapter or two, which was disappointing and made the ending feel a bit rushed. It wasn’t my favourite Jodi Picoult book, but it was still a very good use of literary time. At the end there was a chapter containing facts about violence against abortion clinics in the USA, and as unsurprising as that is, it’s still sad to think that there are women all across USA who risk violence to gain autonomy over their body.

Buy/Borrow: I bought this for my Kindle, but I’ve recently discovered that you can borrow eBooks for free through your local library! Sign up to your local library and get access to hundreds of books through the app: OverDrive. You could also buy this book second hand on: AbeBooks.

Here's a photo of me loving the snow in India before it scuppered our mountain climbing plans (© James Fleming)

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