Book Review: How to be a Grown Up – Daisy Buchanan

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

What to do when you’ve just finished a Netflix series (Cheer – it was awesome!) and you’re waiting for some R code to churn? Write a book review of course! That would only be a true reflection of the fact that I multi-tasked my way through this book while coding in R.

Plot: Pretty much your average memoir from an average woman in her early thirties looking back on all the things she learnt during her twenties.

Review: This book was great. I love hearing that everyone spends their twenties working out who they are and how to function as an acceptable human being. I mostly read this book in my PJ's while simultaneously waiting for tea to cool or R code to churn… so I guess you could say I’m still learning how to be a grown up. On the flip side, I do know how to wash my hair and maintain a record of my finances (which is not difficult or extensive when you're a graduate student).

Buy/Borrow: It’s on my Kindle if you (family only) want to read it, and it’s also very cheap on Amazon. Alternatively, if you ask around, one of your friends probably has a dog-eared copy from their last summer holiday.

One of my proudest grown up achievements is learning how to wear a hat (© James Fleming).

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