Book Review: Summer at the Comfort Food Café – Debbie Johnson

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about my favourite day in the field, but I’ve been so drained this week that all I’ve really been able to do is read the slushy rom-com that’s been sat in my Kindle library untouched for at least five years.

Plot: Mother of two and recently widowed, Laura moves to Dorset to spend a summer working in a café. Everything happens exactly as predicted.

Review: Why has it taken me so long to read this book?! It was everything I needed and more. It’s predictable in all the right places with the perfect ratio of funny, happy, and sad. I just found out that it has sequels, so I know what I’ll turn to when I next want to turn my brain to relaxed mush at the end of a busy day.

Buy/borrow: This book has almost definitely been left in a café in the south west of England by families on holiday. It's pretty cheap on AbeBooks, just don't judge it's outdated cover like I did.

Views in Leh, the town I temporarily called home.

In Leh (Ladakh, India), I found my own comfort food café. Every day I walked to the café to have breakfast and a chat with the owner before work. Then, almost without fail, I went there for dinner as well. I even went there just to hang out at the weekend. Metta Café was my happy place and home from home. If you are ever in Leh, I implore you to visit and tell Tanvi that I sent you. Everything on the menu is delicious and the company is equally as good!

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