Book Review: Tell Me Where It Hurts – Nick Trout

I started this book while doing fieldwork on the west coast of Vancouver Island and I finished it on lockdown in Bristol during a global pandemic. In this bizarre turn of events, at least a cloud has been temporarily lifted and I can enjoy being back with James.

Plot: A veterinary orthopaedic surgeon from the UK recalls tales from his career in a busy Boston animal hospital.

Review: When I was feeling down on the island, I really wanted to read something about domestic animals. This book contained funny anecdotes and emotional stories from a veterinary practice, some of which I could related to from my time as an animal technician before university. Throughout a 24-hour period, vets deal with a huge variety of cases, species, and owners. Moral of the story: Be nice to your vet, because you don’t know what they dealt with the second before they walked into the consultation room.

Buy/Borrow: I bought a (very cheap) copy from Amazon for my Kindle. During the pandemic, some of the second-hand book retailers are out of action, so maybe look to a digital copy of your next read.

Back with This One.

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