Book Review: The Push - Tommy Caldwell

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Finally, I got around to reading the book that James brought over for me in October!

Plot: Tommy Caldwell’s journey from small child to one of the most accomplished climbers in the world. Featuring his ascent of the Dawn Wall and the Fitzroy Traverse.

Review: This book was a slow burn, much like Tommy’s attempt at the Dawn Wall. While Tommy did go into a lot more detail compared to the film, it wasn’t quite enough new information to bring back my wandering mind. However, I did enjoy the chapters that centred around his forays in Patagonia, largely because I could imagine being there with James and continuing the adventures we started at Christmas. If you’re a climber then you’ll probably enjoy this book, if you’re a non-climber then the film is probably just right for you.

Buy/Borrow: James can lend you his copy, or you can find it on AbeBooks.

There are worse views (© James Fleming).

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