Book Review: You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero

I saw this book a while ago, in airport book shops and on people’s Instagram accounts, so I thought I’d see what it was all about.

Plot: A self-help book focusing on how to put your ego aside, manifest the things you want and generally live the life that you dream of rather than the one you think you’re stuck with.

Review: I am a sucker for a self-help book. I think if I am able to retain and practice just piece of advice from each self-help book I read, then it’s a win. This book made me laugh by discussing the mind-wandering impatience that occurs during pigeon pose (a notoriously easy but uncomfortable yoga pose), and hilarities of traveling through India. It also reminded me that the power of positive thinking shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re looking for a light-hearted introduction to self-help then I would definitely recommend this book – it’s easy to read and ends every chapter with a variation on “Love yourself”.

Buy/Borrow: I finally signed up to Okanagan Regional Library when I was in Kelowna, so I borrowed this through the Libby App.

In 2018, after spending 4 months in India, James joined me so we could travel south and explore the country. India showed us some amazing things – 6,000 m peaks in the Himalayas, elephants walking the streets of Rajasthan, and long beaches in Goa. India also taught me how to laugh when things get ridiculous. Collectively we had a stand-off with yaks, altitude sickness, overnight bus journeys on bumpy mountain roads, Delhi belly, coaches to nowhere, tuk-tuk drivers who refused to finish the journey, curries and chai by the side of the road, unexplained bus stops, cancellations, and poo smeared on a taxi floor.

India - one of the most diverse places in the world (© James Fleming).

If you don’t laugh you cry, and we laughed, a lot!

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Photo Disclaimer: All photographs are property of Sophie May Watts or James Fleming unless otherwise stated.

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