Canada Bucket List Part 1

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Accepting a PhD in Canada means more to me than starting just any old PhD. I’ve dreamt of living in Canada since I was in school, but I never wanted to visit because I knew it would only leave me wanting more. Now, with my one-way ticket booked, I’m getting psyched to make the move and have put together the first of many bucket lists.

  • Learn to ski

  • Ski at Whistler

  • Climb at Squamish

  • Boulder in Kelowna

  • Visit friends at Lake Louise to ski and climb

Bouldering by the beach in the British summer sun (© James Fleming)
  • Canoe on Moraine Lake

  • Visit Niagara Falls

  • Hike the West Coast Trail

Taking a break from an epic trek in Ladakh (© James Fleming)
  • Go to (maybe one day ride at) the Calgary Stampede

  • Multi-day trail rides

  • Learn to ride western (rodeo, barrel, cattle cutting etc)

  • Spend time on a working ranch

May the horsie adventures never end
  • Learn to surf in Tofino

  • SUP in Kelowna

  • Bird banding

  • Buy a van

  • Kayak and camp in the Broken Group Islands

  • Spend time doing fieldwork with (existing and new) friends

Current surf level: foam board beginner

There are so many things to do and so much wildlife to see… but… I won’t put wildlife sightings on my bucket list because that’s not how I like to experience nature (and maybe that’s a blog for another time).

Let me know if you have any other suggestions! I intend to add to this list, I’ve got four years after all.

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