Fieldwork by numbers

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

During this

one field visit,

I dreamt about and then found

two wolf scats

(the very next day!). However, I also dreamt about two wolves snarling at me and a cougar stalking a horse rider, so maybe it’s safer to just stick to the standardised data collection method.

I was at my field site in Pacific Rim National Park (PacRim) for

three weeks

and in that time, I saw

four black bears.

I went to

five local yoga classes

in a beautiful studio down by the water, filled with stretchy people and zen vibes.

I spent

six weekend days wandering around the coastline,

popping into cafes, and I read

seven books.

While I wish I could’ve explored more of the island; taking the time out to read, go to yoga classes and stay on top of work hasn’t been the worst thing. It means that next week when James comes to visit, I can take a guilt-free break.

I am disappointed I didn’t exercised as much as I was, especially since I ate

eight apple strudels!

And that was on top of all the carbs that (I’m told) are essential for prepping that winter bod for hibernation.

While I did spend

nine days servicing camera traps,

the typical fieldwork calories aren’t burnt off when the cameras are largely accessible by truck. But who cares!

I also managed to stay up until

ten every night,

which is a big deal for early birds like me. While I am still proud of myself, especially since the sun goes to sleep very early now, it’s pretty much a relationship essential given that I’ve chosen to relocate myself eight hours into the past.

I bagged and labelled

twenty-eight wolf scats,

as well as double checked the image classification of

twenty-eight camera folders.

I helped the field technicians service

fifty-one camera traps.

This was the main purpose for my trip, as well as to help me understand the landscape and the ecology of the area. Once back in the office we uploaded easily over

ten thousand images

that will need classifying at some point in the future. Hopefully by a willing volunteer.

Despite all of this, I have

zero good photos from the field -


This is one of the only photos I actually took in the field because it rained every other day.. my supervisor is going to be very disappointed

And just like that my first field "season" came to an end.

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