I'd work from home every day if I could

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I’ve worked from home a lot. I completed my MSc from my bed, while working part-time as a Technical Editor from my bedroom desk. In India, I wrote about snow leopard habitat from my bed, a café, and the office. On my return to the UK, I worked from my living room desk as a Peer Review Manager and from the sofa as a Freelance Science Writer. Now, as a PhD student, I seek out opportunities to work from home whenever I can.

My productivity skyrockets when I work from home and I’ve thought of a few things that explain why:

  • There are less distractions at home. No people to talk to or meetings to disrupt the flow of the day. This is especially important on writing- or coding-focused days.

  • I have the freedom to take real breaks when I need them. I can go for a walk, make a cup of tea, do some jobs, FaceTime family or friends, or do some exercise. As opposed to taking those pretend breaks in the office that are neither refreshing nor timed when I want them.

  • The office doesn’t have much natural light and is always stuffy. At home I sit next to a window in whatever temperature I choose.

  • Beds and sofas are comfier than office chairs and desks.

  • Pants are optional, bras are optional, and pyjamas are recommended (by me).

  • As a morning person, I love the fact that I can wake up and start work immediately.

  • I get to work my work around my fun. When I was doing my MSc, I went riding early in the morning and worked from mid-morning until the evening. Here, I can work until early afternoon, head to the climbing gym before it gets busy, and then carry on working for a couple of hours when I get home.

There are so many things I love about working from home, and I’m very grateful that my PhD (and hopefully many jobs into the future) allows me the opportunity to do so.

This girl was my biggest distraction and most welcome break.

Edit: I wish I had a relevant picture of a beautiful, naturally lit work space with a handmade mug of steaming coffee... but that's not the kind of space I've ever worked in.

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