PhD advice from the Twittersphere

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

In order to be as prepared for my PhD as possible, I've been lurking on Twitter to see what advice has been shared around between past and current students.

Looking for the answers on Twitter (© James Fleming)

Here's a summary of what was said:

  • Read at least one paper per day

  • Write every day

  • Write methods and results as data is analysed

  • Anticipate experiments to fail and build failure into plans

  • Don’t take work home every night

  • Double check reference styles

  • Learn to code

  • Save repetitive tasks for the afternoon

  • Reach out for training on important skills

  • Back up documents every day

  • Keep Excel spreadsheet of papers as a backup of reference software

  • Log your progress including time spent on tasks

  • Synchronize PC’s and accounts (Mendeley, Dropbox etc)

  • Outline expectations (funding/meetings/chapters)

  • Regular meetings with supervisor and rest of lab

  • Get everything in writing with names, dates and facts

  • Plan your week in advance with room for the unexpected

  • Reward yourself for progress

  • Keep a jumper, comfy shoes and umbrella in the office

  • Office coffee and snacks

  • Always make time for exercise

  • Book holidays

I intend to implement as many of these things as I can to make the journey through the PhD as smooth as possible.

Thanks Twitter!

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