PhD Month Three: The One When I Rode a Horse

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

November has come to an end. December is kicking off tomorrow with baking and Christmas films at a friend’s house (although I have actually been listening to Christmas songs for a few weeks now). So, what have I done in the last month since James went home?

  1. Went on a trail ride! We stayed in walk the whole time, but it was so, SO good to be back on a horse.

  2. Used R to do some data manipulation that will save me hours in the future.

  3. Started lifting in the gym. This is a good one, I forgot how much I loved putting headphones in and drowning out the world while lifting heavy things.

  4. Met with one of my committee members to talk about the genetic aspect of my PhD.

  5. Read a lot about scat (animal poo) sampling for genetic analysis.

  6. Completed a 3-part Project Management and Professional Skills workshop.

  7. Watched a series of climbing films (REEL ROCK 14) with some friends.

  8. Had a Skype meeting with a high school student who I am mentoring for his project on wolves.

  9. Picked up a paintbrush and painted for the first time in months.

  10. Started downloading spatial data.

  11. EDIT: SAW A COUGAR! Not sure how I forgot about this one.

I’ve decided to limit the list of things I haven’t done to five, because I’d like to focus on the positives even while painting a realistic picture of PhD life. So, what didn't I do in November?

  1. Have a committee meeting.

  2. Get on skis… that’s on the list for next weekend.

  3. Decide on my hypotheses.

  4. Do as much yoga as I’d like. I have a reason for this though; my bike has been taking shelter in my bedroom and restricted the floor space.

  5. Work out when I’m going back to the island for fieldwork.

Overall, November has been a good month for both PhD and non-PhD life. I feel like I’m starting to find my groove in Canada now (probably because I finally got on a horse).

This is Freeman. He made me this happy.

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