Reflections on my first day in Canada

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Today marks the beginning of a four-year relationship with Canada - we’re not even talking PhD first day yet as that happens in September – just the first day of being here. It’s been emotionally draining to say the least, but in the spirit of being open, honest and well-rounded, let me share my first day reflections.

I struggled a bit with homesickness throughout the day. It mainly struck when I was alone, so I've tried to keep busy and around other humans (or animals). I think my friends and family must have become more awesome since the last time I was away! Not to mention the fact that moving to a new place always means being temporarily friendless.

Friends who are silly together stay together - or something like that (© James Fleming)

I was quite overwhelmed today too, not only by the length of my stay, but also the physical size of the place, the buildings, the roads, the cars, the portions, and the prices! Everything in Canada is just so big! I'm hoping that each new day that comes will be less overwhelming. I know it will be, because life gets so much easier once you know which bus to take and what a $2 coin looks like (I don't yet).

On the plus side of the day, my new house comes with complimentary doggo cuddles that makes me very happy. I also took a walk to the lake, visited my new campus (which was lovely) and met all the students I'll share a lab with (they were lovely too).

So that’s it, first day done and time for jet lag induced sleep!

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