Some Blogs I Enjoy

I haven't been on my game recently when in comes to writing (or reading) so I'd like to share a few of the blogs I enjoy and am inspired by.

Wildlife Biology

Biologist Imogene - PhD student studying snow leopard genetics at the University of Delaware. An all round inspiration who I interviewed a few years ago.

Katey Duffey - Army veteran, snow leopard researcher, expedition medic and horse person. Original badass!

Vicky Boult - My friend and supervisor during my placement year and MSc. Vicky has a PhD on elephant movement and is an incredible artist!

Siobhan Darling - Fellow WiRE Lab PhD student studying cougars in southern British Columbia! It's hard not to be jealous when she snow-shoes around the Okanagan looking for signs of cougars.

Fancy Scientist - Experienced wildlife biologist in the USA who writes about topical issues, including the recent Netflix show Tiger King.

Wayfaring Hind - Deer manager and advocate for women in hunting. Previously interviewed here.


waste-free PhD - Blog that covers "scientific issues about health, waste, plastic pollution, resource consumption, environmentalism, and everything in-between" [I took that straight from the home page].

Zero Waste Doc - Full-time medical Doctor and sustainability ambassador.

Peace With The Wild - Shop for natural products in between blogs about cutting plastic and using natural shampoo.


Dr of What? - Find out about life as different types of PhD students, or just look at pictures of house plants. Short, sweet, regular blogs.

Stay at home or the dogs will tell on you (© James Fleming).

Happy reading.

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Photo Disclaimer: All photographs are property of Sophie May Watts or James Fleming unless otherwise stated.

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