Journal Articles

Willcock, S., Hooftman, D. A., Blanchard, R., Dawson, T. P., Hickler, T., Lindeskog, M., Martinez-Lopez, J., Reyers, B., Watts, S. M., Eigenbrod, F. & Bullock, J. M. (Submitted). Ensembles of ecosystem service models can improve accuracy and indicate uncertainty. Science of the Total Environment.

Watts, S. M., Kholsa, J., Wright, C. A. & Ford, A. T. (Submitted). Wildlife on the web: how municipalities portray urban ecology. Urban Ecosystems.


Watts, S. M., McCarthy, T. M. & Namgail, T. (2019). Modelling potential habitat for snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in Ladakh, India. PLOS ONE. 14(1): e0211509.

Willcock, S., Hooftman, D. A. P., Balbi, S., Blanchard, R., Dawson, T. P., O'Farrell, P. J., Hickler, T., Hudson, M. D., Lindeskog, M., Martinez-Lopez, J., Mulligan, M., Reyers, B., Shackleton, C., Sitas, N., Villa, F., Watts, S. M., Eigenbrod, F. & Bullock, J. M. (2019). A continental-scale validation of ecosystem service models. Ecosystems. 22(164): 1-16.

Book Contributions​

GWCT. (2019). The Moorland Balance. The Science Behind Grouse Shooting and Moorland Management. 2nd Edition. GWCT, Fordingbridge, UK.


Photo Disclaimer: All photographs are property of Sophie May Watts or James Fleming unless otherwise stated.

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