Peer-Reviewed Publications

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2. Watts, S. M., McCarthy, T. M., Namgail, T. (2019). Modelling potential habitat for snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in Ladakh, India. PLOS ONE. 14(1): e0211509. Plain English.

Panthera: Modelling the Ghost of the Mountains

Tech Explorist: Local communities key in conservation of snow leopards: study

Research Stash/Down to Earth/GS Times: Local Communities Key in Conservation of Snow Leopards

1. Willcock, S., Hooftman, D. A. P., Balbi, S., Blanchard, R., Dawson, T. P., O'Farrell, P. J., Hickler, T., Hudson, M. D., Lindeskog, M., Martinez-Lopez, J., Mulligan, M., Reyers, B., Shackleton, C., Sitas, N., Villa, F., Watts, S. M., Eigenbrod, F., Bullock, J. M. (2019). A continental-scale validation of ecosystem service models. Ecosystems. 22(164): 1-16. Plain English.

Book Contributions​


1. GWCT. (2019). The Moorland Balance. The Science Behind Grouse Shooting and Moorland Management. 2nd Edition. GWCT, Fordingbridge, UK. Available here


Photo Disclaimer: All photographs are property of Sophie May Watts or James Fleming unless otherwise stated.

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